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10 Favourite Quick Coffee Cakes

Updated: Nov 16, 2019

Coffee or Tea + Cake = Perfect Combination! Especially if you can prepare your coffee or tea cake in less than 20 minutes! We LOVE quick bakes and we LOVE strong coffee in the morning and aromatic tea in the afternoon and evening. As you could see from our previous posts we bake these cakes really often. It's our family's little tradition to have quick bakes and we have a number of our reliable and tested family recipes which we use frequently.

In this post we are sharing with you our favourite coffee cake bakes. These cakes are simple and quick to prepare (20 minutes or less), have fewer than 10 ingredients and are full of flavour! This is the type of cake you make when your friends call half an hour before unexpected visit. The type of cake you can prepare from simple ingredients or ingredients you already have in the fridge - no fuss baking.

1. Favourite Cinnamon Cake - airy and light texture, the skin on the outside is buttery and crunchy, the middle is fluffy, soft and filled with beautiful cinnamon swirls. Great aromatic quick bake. Tastes like cinnamon buns but without all the hassle! Apply Icing or Sweet Cream Cheese Frosting. Only 8 ingredients and 20 minutes prep.

2. Strawberry Yogurt Cake - cake with right balance of airy, fluffy and dense texture thanks to the addition of yogurt. Oil keeps the moisture but also ensures the cake keeps fresh for longer. Fresh strawberries, fresh peach, fresh plums, apples, blueberries all work well in this recipe. Only 8 ingredients and less than 20 minutes prep time.

3. Pear and Pecan Cake with Pecan Streusel - mellow but in the same time sweet, citrusy-like pears wrapped in buttery pecan cake batter. All topped up with crunchy pecan streusel. This cake ticks all the boxes of good coffee cake - quick and easy, comforting bake, full of flavour with a good balance of soft, mellow and crunchy textures. Only 10 ingredients (including Streusel) and 20 minutes prep time.

4. Yogurt Cake with Plums and Chocolate - soft cake filled with chocolatey streaks and mellow plums. Full of flavour quick bake. Only 15 minutes prep or less if you opt to skip plums and go for chocolate flavoured yogurt cake.

5. Apple Kefir Cake - this cake in texture is lighter than cakes baked on yogurt, milk or sour cream. Fluffy and soft cake complemented by mellow apples. Looks rustic and disappears in a jiffy. Only 15 minutes prep time. If you have never baked using kefir - it's definitely one ingredient worth having in your fridge (kefir contains over 3 times more good probiotics than yogurt or buttermilk which will at the end give you lighter cake texture)!

6. Chocolate Chip Banana Cake - melted chocolate chips wrapped in slightly spiced, sweet, banana-flavoured batter. What you get here is caky texture - soft and moist, full of sweet and mellow flavour. If you are used to baking your own banana bread then the difference here is slightly softer texture - thanks to greek yogurt and caky proportions (more eggs, more butter). You will whip this cake in 20-25 minutes.

7. Grapefruit Ricotta and Yogurt Cake - zesty, soft and full of citrusy flavour. Versatile recipe - you can use any citrusy fruit here (oranges, lemons, grapefruits, blood oranges). Don't have Ricotta? Simply increase yogurt content. This cake is always a hit and you will have it prepared in 15 minutes.

8. Apple and Orange Cinnamon Cake - fresh orange juice and orange zest flavours mixed with mellow and smooth texture of baked apples. All topped up with crunchy cinnamon and sugar mixture. Only 8 ingredients and quick fix baking (20 minutes or less). If you have more time at hand - this cake is beautifully complemented by Crème Anglaise.

9. Raspberry Cheesecake Brownies - semi-sweet cream cheese and double chocolate, moist brownie - all topped up by semi-tart raspberries. These little cuties take only 15 minutes to prep, can be prepared using Philadelphia cream cheese (or any other cream cheese you have at hand) and can be enjoyed immediately after baking! Perfect sweet treat to complement your coffee or tea-time with friends.

10. Crinkle Rolls with Chocolate - while you are thinking about baking coffee cake why not to break the habit and have something different. This is our little invention to complement coffee and tea-time (and Helen's sweet tooth!). Super quick (15 minutes prep), sweet, yogurt rolls filled with melted chocolate. You can prepare this little treat on any flavoured yogurt (salted caramel, chocolate, strawberry if you wish to fill with strawberry jam). We like ours with greek yogurt and Nutella! This is what we bake whenever we want to alternate from having sweet scones.

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