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5 Favourite Homemade Pancakes Recipes

5 Favourite Homemade Pancakes Recipes

Pancakes come in different forms around the world - from stack of soft American buttermilk pancakes, through paper-thin delicate French crepes, chewy-crisp Japanese okonomiyaki, Polish potato pancakes placki ziemniaczane or yeasted racuchy, Dutch baby or Russian blini. The list goes on and on. Every part of the world has their favourite type. You will find that depending on the part of the world pancakes differ in terms of the flour used (from white to rice to buckwheat or other flour-replacing substitutes like starchy potatoes or fruit), wet ingredients (from cow's milk through coconut milk, kefir, buttermilk, water or sparkling water, eggs, melted butter or oil), leavening agents (baking soda or powder, yeast or sourdough starter or none), cooking method (frying on oil, frying 'dry' on a pan or stovetop, baking).

Below we are sharing our favourite recipes for easy and best homemade pancakes. We like to experiment with different types of pancakes but these 5 recipes are our tested and proved, favourite go-to pancakes recipes.

1. Fluffy Buttermilk Pancakes - airy and soft buttermilk pancakes.

Pancakes from this recipe puff up 1 to 2 cm and are not greasy. We are incorporating some butter into the batter so that pancakes don’t have to be fried on oil. Thanks to that you are getting light and puffy, cafe-style pancakes. Buttermilk and egg whites are adding extra lightness to the texture. Pancakes are light and firm in the same time

2. Soft Ricotta Pancakes - delicate pancakes made on soft ricotta cheese.

Eggy, creamy and mild in taste, full of light airy bubbles in texture. Kids love these pancakes and we alike can’t resist a batch. Pancakes are made with lemon juice and lemon zest for slightly citrusy flavour. Serve warm, topped up with natural greek yogurt and fresh fruit, maple syrup, chocolate or melted butter.

3. Easy Classic French Crepes - paper-thin, soft pancakes with buttery and crusty edges.

This recipe is no fuss and foolproof. Thanks to melted butter added to the pancake batter these pancakes are fried on 'dry pan'. Addition of sparkling water is adding to the light texture and pale, paper-thin look.

Our favourite way to serve crepes comes from Italian and Eastern European cuisines. Classic French Crepes are served there with Sweet Ricotta Cheese or cream cheese. Short frying gives these pancakes crusty and buttery skin but also warms up creamy cheese making it taste like a semi-liquid, warm cheesecake filling. Pancakes are served hot with seasonal fruit.

4. Puffy Yogurt Pancakes - fluffy and soft pancakes made on yogurt.

Pancakes are delicate but firm in the same time. Frying is done here on 'dry pan'. Pancakes puff up some 1-2cm. You can replace greek yogurt with any flavoured yogurt in this recipe - have strawberry pancakes or salted caramel pancakes (or whatever flavoured yogurt is your favourite). As the batter is quite thick you can easily mix in some top ups to the pancake batter - add chocolate chips or sprinkles.

5. Dutch Baby - quick and easy baked puffed pancake.

Thanks to high temperature baking this type of sweet pancake rises and forms little ‘waves’. Our version of dutch baby is with cherries and apples accompanied by toasted almonds and pistachios. Apples are adding mellow flavour which is offset by semi-sweet (or tart) cherries. All is topped up with toasted nuts which are adding lovely crunch to the texture.

Best served piping hot and sprinkled with confectioners’ sugar.

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