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Autumn Baking Challenge

Baking Challenge

Hello Bakers!

How are you keeping?

In June and July we shared few cake recipes with you, like this Peach and Cream Cake and Chocolate Layer Cake. We baked sourdough breads with you and responded to many DMs sharing our approach and helping you in the baking process. We have organised first 1:1 ZOOM baking classes - it has been fun! Most frequently baked, tagged and viewed recipe was this Ricotta Cake.

August was a month when we hung up our baking gloves and .. had a blissful rest in Ireland and Poland.

Now - with kids going back to school and autumn colours in full bloom, we are thinking it’s time for a little motivation to get back to the baking swing. We have asked you on our social media if you want another baking challenge - and - it was a big YES!

So - let’s do it! Autumn Bake Off. To get back to the swing of things let’s make it easy, delicious and quick. No-fuss baking! Coffee cakes and sweet breads are going to be the main theme. On top of that - every year we are encouraging bakers to prepare maturing gingerbread dough with us! This year will be no different! Hence, we are adding this recipe to the baking challenge too.


How to participate in October and November Baking Challenge:

  1. Bake one or more recipes from the list below.

  2. When you bake - tag us @brunibakery and #brunibakery (Instagram). Make sure to mark post as public so that we can see it. If you don't have Instagram - send the picture of your entry to gb@brunibakery.com or via DM on Facebook (or post picture under Autumn Bake Off post).

  3. Invite your friends and do a little bake off together - the more the merrier.

  4. At the beginning of December we will choose 2 winners: one in Sweet category and one in Bread category. There is also a special, surprise prize for a baker who is going to bake all of the recipes from one of the categories (sweet OR bread).


- Sweet category - 12-cup Nordic Ware bundt cake form or baking book of your choice (up to 50e)

- Bread category - bread equipment (up to 50e) or bread baking book of your choice

- Special prize for baker(s) who is going to bake all of the recipes from one of the categories (sweet OR bread).


Here are October and November Baking Challenge recipes - click on the title or picture and it will bring you direct to the recipe.


  1. Apple Slice

Apple Slice recipe

2. Coffee Cake

Coffee Cake

3. Maturing Gingerbread Dough - mix up the dough sometime between the last week of October and mid November. Store refrigerated. The batch is quite large so if you are planning smaller gathering, prepare from 1/2 portion (use 1 egg). Bake 1 week before Christmas. Everything is explained in the recipe.

4. Carrot Cake - humble looking but sooo good!

5. Marble Pound Cake

6. Spelt and Blueberry Irish Scones

Bread Category:

1. Plum Cake

2. Cracovian Rolls (Sweet Cream Cheese Rolls with lemon butter glaze)

3. Poppy Seed Babka - a real challenge but sooo worth it!

4. Chalka

Happy Baking!

Bruni and John, xx

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