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Waffles - blogger's waffle

Updated: Jun 22, 2019

Get ready - waffle about waffle!

Waffles were first thing I learned to make and bake. As a child I loved dishing out crisp and fresh waffles with variety of toppings.

This is the end of waffle. To the point now :)

There are few things which will guarantee a tasty outcome:

1. Waffle maker - this is 70% of your success. You want it to be at least 1200-1400W, heat up quickly and bake waffles within 2 minutes. Overall we are talking about heavy and solid piece of equipment. If you need more hints write a comment or send me a message and I will recommend few types.

2. Belgian or not Belgian - most waffles sold out there are what I call regular waffles. Belgian (Liege) waffles are made with yeast, cold butter, pearl sugar. There is more hassle in making those. The flavour is different: yeasty, puffy, and with hints of caramel flavour (thanks to pearl sugar which is mixed into the dough). I am a big fan! Saying this, regular waffles are quick, easy, crisp. Simply a great fix for breakfast or tea o’clock.

3. Good quality ingredients - using full flat milk, organic eggs and good quality butter adds to the flavour.

4. Adding powdered sugar, beaten whites, kefir - all contribute to the crispy texture.

5. Letting the batter set in the fridge for at least 30 minutes before baking ensures that all ingredients blend in. By doing this you are also reducing risk of batter sticking to the waffle maker. Don't worry about de-activating rising agents by refrigerating - it's simply a myth. You can keep waffle batter in the fridge for up to 24 hours.

6. The batter can be used to prepare baked mini waffle bundt cakes. I will show you what to do with leftover batter in order to bake tasty and light mini cakes. When kids come around to our house I find it to be an easy way to mix things up. You are preparing one batter, then after waffles are baked just slightly adjust the ingredients and here you have scrumptious and light baked waffle mini cakes.

7. Don’t be conservative, play and experiment. I will post few of my favourite and tested waffle recipes. On top of that will post two versions of how to jazz things up: Homemade Strawberry Waffles and Pink Champagne Strawberry Waffles. Both have freeze dried strawberries in the batter which bring out the real strawberry flavour. The second recipe offers that extra oomph by adding champagne bubbles into the batter. You can add apples (other fruit), chocolate, spices, mix in different flour types, milk types etc.

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